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Hi Emotion

Please help me understand what’s going on with us. I feel anxious. I’m afraid that ill do a bad job. I’m afraid of the energy it will take because I’m not sure I’m strong enough to handle it. I wonder if I’m deluded for wanting the things I do – there is doubt. I feel scared to put myself out there, I’m afraid of taking responsibility for myself and other people and I’m afraid of not being perfect. I wish in my mind that this wasn’t the case but I feel the sick feeling in my stomach and I won’t lie to myself, it’s the truth. I want to be comfortable. I want to be able to live my life through the highs and lows feeling the same peace inside me. I don’t want to be so affected by my circumstances or people or my thoughts. I want a rest. A break. I’m tired. I want to be ok with feeling afraid. Allow what ever is troubling me to be. Talk with me if you need to.