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Fear – Motivates?

I heard the new way to live happily is to live with fear, not overcome it. Decide to use it as a motivator rather than butt heads against it and try to make it go away. Fear could welcome new experiences and inspiration rather than being that thing that keeps us stuck. It could hear a knock at the door and answer it. It could prevent being eaten by cannibals… Karen Walker tells us what she thinks about fear, creativity and imagination in this video from TED-talks…

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Fear Phobe Speaks For The First Time

Today I was afraid I’d get somewhere then find out it wasn’t where I wanted to be, so I stayed where I was, unhappy but familiar. What does it take to push through this fear? Really strong balls of steel? A bit of a tomorrow never comes attitude? I will only find out if I enter the unknown and take my pen to write about what I find along the way…